Affordability, Accessibility Top Course Materials Concerns

Survey: College students worry about price and, to a lesser degree, sourcing when it comes to course materials.

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Just 30 percent of Student Voice survey respondents believe that their professors take affordability into account when selecting course materials.

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Affordability is a top concern for students purchasing and interacting with course materials, according to the recent Student Voice survey on academic life. Just 30 percent of the survey’s 3,004 two- and four-year college respondents believe their professors take affordability into account when choosing course materials.

Another quarter of respondents say they believe their professors explicitly do not take affordability into account when choosing materials, with students at private institutions especially like to say this (32 percent, versus 25 percent of students at public institutions). By race, white and Asian students are likelier than Black and Hispanic students to say their professors don’t take affordability into account, at about three in 10 compared to two in 10, respectively.

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