Physical Health and Wellness Linked to Student Success


In the newest Student Voice survey, many students say their physical health and wellness is getting in the way of their academic success.

Photo of young people in a fitness class, squatting. Focus is on a young woman in front with her hair in a bun.

Fitness facilities top the list of what students say colleges and universities are doing well in terms of health and wellness, while dining hall food options top the list of what needs work.

Half of students say their physical health and wellness adversely impacts their academic success. The number is higher for certain groups of students, including those with physical disabilities or chronic illnesses, those with mental health conditions, and even two-year college students relative to four-year students. These are all new findings from the most recent Student Voice survey on health and wellness from Inside Higher Ed and College Pulse.

The survey, conducted in April and early May, asked 3,000 two- and four-year college students at 158 institutions questions about their experiences with stress, mental health and physical wellness. Here are some additional findings about health, specifically (with additional details and analysis below):  

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